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SHOCK Your Margins into Growth with Revenue Management and Pricing Software

Pricing software webinar

Webinar details
Duration: 30 minutes

If you spend 30 minutes on a webinar this year, this is the one not to miss! You will get a master class on how Trade Revenue Management software is transforming businesses into offering real time pricing, boosting your margin visibility at deal level meaning you get to say no to unprofitable deals.

Presented by Todd Rigdon - Director of Solutions Architecture at Flintfox, we provide answers to your pricing accuracy and multi sales channel challenges by demonstrating the power, speed & flexibility and a world of new pricing and promotion management opportunities.

You will experience:

  • How trade agreements automate and dramatically cut administration time
  • Millisecond response times to complex price calculations
  • Instant margin visibility on deals inclusive of other trading incentives such as rebates and other incentives
  • How to boost volume in your trade promotions through volume break discounts
  • The power of one pricing engine for any sales channel instantly aligning your channel price strategy

You won't be disappointed! Microsoft has backed Flintfox, globally, as one of their most strategic software partners and you're about to see why.

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