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Flintfox International

Take a clearer view of your supply chain


Increased profit margins in the digital age of manufacturing demand second-to-second data knowledge and price control. That requires real-time data visibility—both upstream and downstream along the supply chain. Download the new e-book from Flintfox and Microsoft, The Missing Window on Manufacturing Growth: Wider margins through TRM and intelligent supply chain, to find out how manufacturers are tracking what’s happening now all along their supply chains to achieve optimal pricing and improved profitability.

Read it now for the keys to gain real-time visibility and control of data for smarter and more timely decision making. You’ll come away knowing how Intelligent Supply Chain management and Trade Revenue Management (TRM) give you pricing control you’ve never had before.

d365Artboard 193 copy 86icons  Create new value, revenue, and profit streams through intelligent supply chain
Artboard 193 copy 10icons  Upgrade your promotion structuring and tactics for optimized revenue
d365Artboard 193 copy 82icons  Take precise control of pricing management beyond ordinary spreadsheets & database tools
d365Artboard 193 copy 124icons  Collaborate more effectively & profitably both upstream and downstream across complex value chains