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Mastering Supply Chain Revenue Management

Learn how modern revenue management solutions are mitigating revenue leakage and boosting profitability

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In the chaos of the current business landscape, it’s essential that organisations take full stock of their own profitability—down to each and every purchase and sale transaction they make.

This includes a deep understanding of their pricing, but also an acute awareness of all incentives such as distributor rebates, promotional trade agreements and supplier contracts and rebates.

Digital solutions are stepping up to meet this growing need, providing complex pricing management for suppliers and customers that allows immediate views of margin-impacting changes at each point of transaction.

Learn how Flintfox and Microsoft are unlocking access to profitability insights that ensure businesses can remain responsive to change and make positive decisions, armed with a crystal-clear vision of their financial impact. Download the e-book Mastering Supply Chain Revenue Management: Advanced Pricing and Rebate Revenue Management with Flintfox and Microsoft.

Find out how a sophisticated revenue and pricing management model can help your organisation to:

  • Easily alter and observe pricing changes instantly, for accurate margin management and reduced revenue leakage. 
  • Eliminate significant administrative overhead by automating intensely manual spreadsheet tracking.
  • Scale confidently with streamlined processes and reliable data on pricing management and accrual rebates.
  • Maintain a single source of pricing truth, across all sales channels, providing visibility and unity to all departments.
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